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Originally Posted by MP3_E46 View Post
Your buddy was taken to the cleaners, he is a perfect candidate for used BMW ownership with dealership maintenance

A quick search shows was one owner quoted $3,400 for main dealer replacement. By ~150K miles even at $3,400 the battery has long been paid for. My commute mpg in the E93 is 14->18 mpg; it's 36->41 in the Prius, it get ~48->58 in regular use.

This is a DIY which forum members say takes about four hours:

Swapping cells means ~$400->800 when paying someone else to do it. A BMW dealer charges $480 to change a basic 12V battery Plenty have swapped cells, it's not vodoo but of course a main dealer is not going to mess around; they want a high profit total swap which requires almost zero skill from mechanics.
I am not sure what you are trying to communicate. If the car had its first retail delivery in CA (where the OP is a resident), the Prius is subject to an emissions system warranty of 10 years/150,000 miles on the AT-PZEV components. If the hybrid battery fails during that period, Toyota pays 100% of the replacement cost. In the S.F. Bay Area, the Toyota dealers are getting just shy of $5,000 for a hybrid battery replacement. Toyota doesn't tell them to swap cells out; a total replacement is specified.

Given the 100% coverage, why would the OP even consider a cell swap? That would be totally on their dime and would void the factory warranty.

Cross winds are likely mainly due to aerodynamics but your suggestions should make it less likely to move. Its not that bad, way better than panel vans I've driven (Father had a grocery store in the UK so I drove them pretty often). Car and Driver says "It tracks better and is less susceptible to crosswinds than the Insight".
I have no experience with the Insight, but I did experience the cross wind affect. After the wider wheels and tires plus the suspension braces, there was zero swerving, so the wheels/tires & braces would seem to have cured the cross wind swerving since nothing else was changed.

This summer I aim to do a cross country trip in the Prius towing a popup camper (~1,100 lbs); they are versatile cars. One guy uses his to ship motorcycles around the country and makes far more profit than his competitors thanks to his fuel savings.
If that is what you are into, more power to you. The Prius is not for everyone, but for those who like what it offers, it is probably the best option available.

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