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How well do you know the present owner? Ask questions about the condition of the car. Why is he trading it? Good thing it looks to be stock. At 150K, the motor is fine, usually. But, the peripherals may be due.
Are you good with your hands? Pull the dipstick & see if you can see it through the oil. Does it run? Push down on the front fender & release; does it rebound once? (OK) Twice, it may need shocks. Repeat at the rear.
If the rust on the left shock tower is only at the surface, get rid of it asap! Other spots can be replaced eventually. Check around the tail lights for rust. I'm new to this website, so, I'll also suggest "". It's free & there are some super gurus there too.
Never jump into something that needs work right now, unless it's on purpose! Get some tools & a book!
Have fun & good luck,,,,Greg
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