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Originally Posted by First_745Li View Post
You're right "it's just a car"... to them... to us it's a BMW..and it's not cheap fixing their hatred.
By no means am I a rich or well off person that can afford to fix these things if they keep happening, but at the same time I will not let a car or other people have me jump through hoops to protect a piece of metal lol. The only thing I worry about is whether it starts, runs, and drives. Thats what a car is suppose to do. When it breaks or becomes undesirable you move on to the next one its that simple.

Originally Posted by thecandidate View Post
for me i look at it as a respect thing! if a person doesn't give a rat's you know what about their car that is fine but to I am too convinced that some folk will look at what a person is driving and do hateful stuff.

it is shameful that stuff like this happens i have gotten my share of dings on mine too it is really unfortunate
I agree with you that its a respect thing but you know how it is, some people were raised wrong they don't have that. I don't let little things get to me and a door ding is little to me, but at the same time I would never ding another man's car. I always use caution and also tell my passengers to watch the door as they open it to get in or out.

At the end of the day there are more important things in life to get all worked up about, if someone can get that worked up over a car imagine how they would act if their girl try to leave them or if they got fired or if a number of more serious things were to happen to them? Chill out people its only a car that you probably won't want 3 months from now lol
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