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Convince the dealer to update my software

I am taking my car into the dealer today, partly for routine maintenance and partly for issues I am having.

The routine is an oil change and rear brakes.

The issues are the exceedingly rough and sputtery starts that I have been having for the last few weeks. This can not be blamed on the cold weather as I store my car in a heated garage. Also twice since Saturday I have gotten a drivetrain malfunction while driving. I restart and it goes away, but obviously something is causing it.

While I have no doubt that they will find the issue and fix it, I also would like them to update my car to the most recent software update. I desire the update mostly because I would like to code my car to have telephone and entertainment in my HUD (see this forum: and I am unable to do so with my current software level. Yeah I know it will be a bitch to recode all the things I changed on my car and to have DinanS3 put back on my car, but for the added functionality in the HUD it is totally worth it to me.

Anyway, has anyone had success convincing their dealer/S.A. to upgrade their car software. What worked? What didn't? I am taking my car in about 3 hours, so any quick responses would be appreciated. Thanks!

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