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Originally Posted by skibbySTFU View Post
ok. this happens every once in a while. makes me particularly upset when they go from tailgating me to trying to get in between me and the car ahead of me. i hate particular situations where people behind me are upset because im not tailgating the guy in front of me.
Yup. Those people don't understand the laws of physics or probabilities. Tailgating is probably my grade A pet peeve. People blithely increasing the odds of an accident for the cheapest of reasons: 'I'm in a hurry man, get out of my way.'

I wish I had video of the times I've been on a two lane road, maybe a semi rural road, speed limit 40 to 50, and some DB gets right on my tail even though I have several cars ahead of me with a sane spacing between us. I'm not going to get anywhere quicker by getting up on their ass. So I pull over and let the DB go by, only to see him go up and get on the next guy's butt. About a minute later, we all come to stop light where we sit together for a minute or so.
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