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Originally Posted by wyb View Post
or they get on your butt and you move over to let them pass - only to see them take an exit that is light-controlled - you carry on at your regular pace while they sit at the back of a line of traffic at a light fuming because they're held up YET AGAIN....

I do get kind of upset that my family say I "drive like a grandpa" - which I sort of do when the car has people in it - I give it a got bit more right-pedal when I'm on my own - but I'm always looking ahead, round the bend, at side-streets and intersections - and I practically never get on the butt of someone in traffic... coz it annoys me when people do it to me... the exception to that is when you get someone going 72 in the left lane on the interstate -I'll flash them to tell them to move right.

Three things I always try to respect... keep your rubber and brakes in good condition - be aware of road conditions - stopping takes more distance than you think it does - especially when you're needing to stop "in a hurry"
Are you a grandpa yet?
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