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Thanks for the follow-up Southern. Your original advice is what finally allowed me to crack the code on this problem over the weekend.

First I had her try her iPhone as the aux and it played at a like volume to the other inputs, so that pointed to a bad iTouch (nothing with car / cable). Then I took the iTouch and put it in my car and got a similar lower volume problem (it sounded bad, was low and bad!).

So we restored the iTouch in iTunes keeping history (I think that was the option was not the most invasive reset to default). That did not help as it still sounded bad in both cars. So then we did a restore to factory defaults (or something like warned me I may lose a few apps in the process, but I went for it anyway) and magically the problem was solved thereafter.

Even though we had "touched" what I thought was every possible setting in both iTunes and the iTouch, it required a complete reset to factory defaults on the iTouch to solve this problem.

It's amazing what a scientific approach can do to solve problems if you are smart enough to proceed in a methodical manner! Thanks for pointing me down the logical road!

Since I spent so much time in the garage fooling around with the iTouch, I decided to bite the bullet and attempt to program the garage door opener in the car to operate my garage door (even with it's complication of a rolling code). I'm glad to say that the detailed directions on the homelink website worked fine and I accomplished this task in 10 minutes even though I had to go up and down the ladder a couple of times to get to the control unit.

All in all a productive weekend for the new car. Don't worry, I'll be back with a dumb question soon. Thanks for your assistance (again!)


PS When someone checks out the decibels in their car to try to help a total stranger 3000 miles away with their car, they have earned a night of free drinks. Let me know when you are in SoCal to collect it milk-shakes or scotch, it's on me....
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