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Originally Posted by jdong View Post
In iOS 6, Siri does work with email. You can see the suggested phrasing by bringing up Siri's help.

But Siri isn't integrated with iDrive -- you're still going to have to reach for your phone and press the home button to activate it, but then it's routed over the bluetooth as a call to yourself.
Siri does not read email. If you ask Siri "read my email" she will tell you "you have over 25 emails" and then say "sorry, I can't read email to you." Siri can send email by saying "email my wife about dinner", but reading and replying is out.

Siri is integrated with iDrive inasmuch as it can use the BMW speakers and microphone to allow for hands free and eyes free driving while checking sports scores, weather reports, stock quotes, reading and responding to texts, etc. The only thing missing is the initial button press on the steering wheel but that's coming soon. For now, you press and hold the home button and then put the phone back down. Whether or not BMW will allow Siri to send data to iDrive such as addresses and points of interest remains to be seen.


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