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Originally Posted by jonesin View Post
1. Nothing wrong with 0 W40 whatsoever.

2. What was the oil level when you got home?

3. Did the car by chance overheat at all?

4. What is the coolant level?

5. Did the temperature gauge move even a little past the 12 o'clock position?

6. What noises does the car make when you turn the key now?

1. Great!
2. Oil level was fine when I got home.
3. Car did not over heat.
4. Coolant level was a little low. I added water when I first heard engine ticking.
5. It was more near the 11 o'clock position. It was a cool night
6. The engine cranks and you can hear a slow repetitive ticking as the engine is cranking, but wont start.
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