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Got it sorted. Man was it a bear though. The cable that was essentially "tying" the cover down was finally able to be moved. I reached down and saw that the wires were on a connector that was heldon by pressure over a flat metal plate, you can't actually see it just reach in and feel around and you'll find it. Once that was slipped off, it gave just enough slack to pull the wire over the front of the cover. Many curse words were said in trying to remove the cover at that point still. The back side was hitting the hoses even though I tucked them out of the way as much as possible. I resorted to removing all the hose clamps that held them together in groups and unbolting the grey metal box that was attached to the strut housing and some what in the way. once all that was done I was barely able to slip it back on with out messing up the new gasket on the bolts that were a hairs width from touching. The passenger side was a dream. Easy access, quick in quick out. Fun job over all looking back, but at the time I wasn't enjoying the learning curve. Thanks guys
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