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I like cars with 100k plus miles if maintained.

Hello all

Just my 2 cents

I don't know what year you are looking at.

It depends because lots of short trips and stop and go traffic are way harder on a car then 8 or 10 hours of cross country at constant speed, that said a car with high mileage that has received proper maintenance and has not been driven to the failure point can be a real good buy.

I have been super happy with my e36 and it came with 144k. It's also almost as easy to work on as my 68 Deville the big difference is all the computer stuff and that's not really hard if you learn to search the Internet for DIY info, books, and testing procedures.

That's assuming you do your own work. I've put about 12k miles or so on my 1995 325i and spent less then $500 on parts and that's all been small stuff. I am not really into mods or racing so my car is basically stock and I do all my own work. If you don't work on yourself be prepared for high labor costs. It's also at least a 3rd car so I only work on it for fun.

Good luck, if you buy an e36 I'll be happy to share the little I know.
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