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Originally Posted by desertpilot View Post
Anybody move up from a Miata to an E89?

Used to own a Miata in Germany (sold it in 2001 when I moved to the US), got a 2003 a couple of years later (in the US), traded it in about 3 years later because I needed a "family car" ... but got a 2012 Z4 last year. Just love 2 seaters, convertibles and especially roadsters!

I drove the Miata about 110 miles/hour on the autobahn (top down) during nice, dry conditions. It handles nice and given that all it had was just a mechanical rear differential & anti-lock brakes, much more of a driver's car than today's cars (yeah, yeah, flame me, but you know it's true with all the electronic nannies).

But -- I am guessing all that is lost on your wife since she isn't a "car nut".

Therefore, the Z4 would be a very nice upgrade and I am sure she would appreciate appreciate it -- if she enjoys driving fast, and if she doesn't mind the attention a Z4 comes with. My wife loves to drive the car -- but she wouldn't go alone on a longer trip to another state to visit family -- car draws too much attention.

The Z4 -- with the right tires -- is a much better all year round car than the Miata (may not matter depending on where you live).

As others have said -- the Z4 just drives so much nicer, it's a much more comfortable car and he engine has a great growl to it ... it's also prettier than the latest Miata MX-5 models (my opinion). No matter how much fun the Miata was -- the Z4 is at least as much fun, just different and yes, it does play in a different class.
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