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Originally Posted by greyX1 View Post
The seat-of-the-pants gains from the unit are substantial, although to realize the max (60) HP increase advertised on the site you need to run high octane and a more aggressive map. The standard map is definitely enough to get your attention. Keep in mind that BMW developed and raced a 2L inline 4 cylinder F1 engine that produced 800 hp. I think they know a bit about small displacement potential! The little BMS unit definitely delivers in the HP/$ ratio. My other car is running an aftermarket supercharger, fuel mods, plus headers at the tune of $3000 or so, and the gains are MAYBE 100 HP (although more like 70). So at best, $30/HP, but probably more like $40-$45/HP.

In so far as the hesitation is concerned, I need to drive the car a bit more to really get a feel for whether the tip in has improved ... The fact that it has been bothering me so much recently, coupled with an email from Terry Burger that the throttle lag issue was addressed, really set me up for disappointment that it wasn't entirely eliminated with the tune. I don't know if I'm overly sensitive to it now or what, or if Terry only meant that it was addressed in DS. The nice thing is that the unit is reprogrammable. If enough of us provide feedback to BMS, maybe they would offer a more aggressive D-map? I don't know...
Word has always been that all BMW tunes do not affect the car during "normal driving". I would imagine that the DS improvement you feel is because that is when the tune is working. I would put money on BMS having programmed their tune to leave the Tip In the way it is in D mode.
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