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Coolant Leak Issues

Last month my low coolant light went on and after a quick visit to my BMW service center, it was determined that the coolant level was low (Obviously). Thereafter the coolant was topped off, and as a result the low coolant light went off.

However, the following week, the light went on again while I was driving and a short distance later it went off. This process then repeated for about three more weeks, in which the low coolant light would randomly go on and off while driving. Sometimes, it would go on and off three times over the course of 6 miles of driving, and on some days it wouldn't go on at all. I decided that it was time to take it back to the service center to get it fully checked out.

For the past five days, the service center has been unable to correctly diagnose what is causing the issue/the exact location of the issue. The mechanics informed me that there isn't any visible leakage of coolant in the engine bay/under the car and that they have been unable to find where any leakage is occurring, but that the system is constantly loosing coolant after it is replenished. They also informed me that when I brought the car in, there was absolutely no coolant present at all. This bothers me because the low coolant light should stay on if low levels of coolant are present, not to mention the absence of all coolant. Also, how is it possible for a BMW to run without coolant?

Does anyone have any idea as to what the issue could be? If the coolant's absence is not due to a visible leak, then what could it be? Not to mention, why would the low coolant light be randomly going on and off? My BMW warranty ends this April and I don't want to have bigger problems on my hands that will cost me a lot of money after the warranty ends.

Additional Notes:
I'm not sure if this is relevant, but over the past few weeks, the coolant temperature gauge on the dashboard showed that the coolant's temperature was normal (The needle was half way between both ends of the gauge) even with the low level/absence of coolant.
Also, a few days before bringing my car to the service center, I needed to jump start it. I'm not sure if an electrical issue could have made matters worse for the coolant system, but the service center informed me that the battery needs to be replaced and I am doing just that.

Thank you for your help!
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