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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
My 1999 M Coupe interior was in better shape in 2010 than the interior of my 2003 Chevy Suburban was in 2005.
Gotta agree here. My 2005 545 interior looks pretty much new except for a few high-touch spots getting a little shiny. My 2004 Explorer looks like an old car inside, even though it's in good condition.

I realize 1978 was a lifetime ago...but my first car was a '78 Chevy Monte Carlo, which I got in 1986, making it 8 years old. My 545 has an in-service date in 2004, making it eight years old also. Setting aside mechanical reliability, the appearance of age between the two cars is, frankly, dramatic. The Monte's headliner had fallen out, the material on the seats was disintegrating, and the paint was completely oxidized. I know that GM is doing a better job now, but until these cars turn eight or ten years old I'm not sure how much better and my personal experience is what it is.

Originally Posted by ilhan1103 View Post
Then either you had some horrible car made during octoberfest and then hidden in the lot with the normal cars, or I'm sorry to say this: you did a horrible job maintaining it.
Yeah, those results are not typical at all. Sounds like this guy lives at the beach and leaves his windows down all night. Or something.
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