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Originally Posted by First time View Post
I perfectly fine where im at. Im not in a hole.

The same statement applies to yourself to Steve. You keep responding to me as I do you right? Your statements are no better than mine. So who is digging themselves a hole? By your logic, FPR o-ring is bad check the dipstick. Injector o-ring is bad check the dipstick.

Funny how in both cases, the small stream of gas so happens perfectly spray at the dipstick handle. Hmmm

I have seen o-rings fail. Some are not as nice as you percieve them to be. Some dont spray a nice little tinkle.

Go ahead keep digging. If we are both in a hole guess Were gonna see who can di a bigger one right?
you are in fact digging a hole. you were wrong right from the start and have just continued to try and distort what i've said to make it seem stupid. while all i've done is clarify and confirm what i've said to be completely possible.

you can keep distorting what i've said. others can see what you're trying to do, so i don't need to keep confirming what i've said to be completely possible.
if you want to lead the orchestra, you must turn your back on the crowd

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