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Originally Posted by Tirpitz View Post
These things are always a matter of your listening preferences and what you have trained yourself to hear. I've got an X1 with the stock stereo and most of my listening has been to high bit rate MP3s on a USB stick. If I put on my audiophile hat I can hear the tell-tale signs of compressed music such as smeared and hissy sounding cymbals. But for everyday listening and just enjoying the music and the drive it is decent enough sounding.

My personal feeling is that with any music system you should always opt for the highest resolution source material. The exception is where you need to trade off resolution for storage space. I recognize that as an audiophile I'm not representative of the general car buying public. But I think it is a shame that a company like BMW is willing to sell you an upgraded stereo are near or above $1K and then restricts their D/A capabilities to lossy audio formats, the only exception being WAV which they have to support to play CDs. Come on, support at least Apple Lossless if not FLAC at 16 bits. If they support 24 bit playback even better.

Once I get around to doing some comparisons if I find the difference between MP3 playback and what I can get out of my iPhone with Apple Lossless to be too broad I'll have to look at buying an iPod Classic to keep in the car just to be able to play the most possible music at full 16 bit resolution.
This is a nice little overview. I have 130GB of music, 1,425 albums from 484 different artists, plus podcasts and OTR. Most of what I have is at 128 ripped ten or more years ago, mostly using Windows Media Player. A few other albums, I have obtained at bit rates varying from 160 to 320. Much of the 256+ bit music I have gotten, I have peeled back to 128 VBR through iTunes to make room.

Bit rate doesn't really matter to me for a lot of my stuff because it is loud distorted rock music, or music originally recorded in the studio on hissy tape, so any minute difference between 128 and 256+ would probably be lost on me in a moving car sound room, anyway.

However, I do have some audiophile-worthy stuff, like RHCP and Beatles remasters, that I keep in 320. I was thinking of re-ripping some of the other stuff I originally did in 128, like the old Pink Floyd or Zappa or White Stripes or Eminem or Adele, in order to maximize the benefit of those specific albums that benefit more from a higher bit rate. I just wanted to ask whether others here hear enough of a difference between 128 and 320 for me to make that effort, because I will probably have to dump some other stuff to make room for it.
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