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Stealth. Funny you say "In this segment" because your are comparing the larger 5 series to the ever growing (lexus, audi, merc) competitors. "Hey I am not fatter than my friends, they are all wearing pants 5 sizes larger than in college and I am wear pants 4.5 sizes larger so HA....." Explain this to me. Why does every version of BMW's keep getting bigger? Do you really need that much more room in your F10 that you sit in a E60 or E39 and think, Holy cow, these old 5 series cars must have been built for little people or a woman. So the F10 is almost the the size of the E65 and is bigger then the E38. The F30 is as big is the E39. The F25 is as big as the E53. So every other model year, the car grows as large as the next size up. Personally I don't need to drive a 7series .... I mean 5 series so I can but 4 350 people in my car comfortably and still have room for the Big Gulps. If I want a car that big then I would get the 7 series.

Personally I really like the F10(look, interior) but every time I was in a F10 and got back in my E60, it was like I went from a first class seat to a business class seat, both were great but one just had more room. I had a F10 for a few weeks while the E70 was in the shop for 60+ days(eventually lemon) so I drove the F10(550) and E60(550) all the time. I am sorry but the size was very noticeable. The F10 took up the same space in the garage as the E70 I have friends who did the e60 to f10 switch and they actually miss the E60. I guess that is why I switched to an ///M car "sized for women" instead of the manly ///M5, I just didn't see myself drive around a super fast 7 series.
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