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M10 Running rich, bad MPGs, misses at high RPM

Alright guys, winding down some issues with my car. In my E30 build thread, you can catch up to what all I've done.

The rundown:

84 318i, M10

Didn't run when I bough it, replaced a bunch of stuff and finally the computer fixed it.


Fuel filter
Converted to single fuel pump
Plugs (may replace again)
Distributor cap, rotor, wires
Valve cover gasket
Misc. van lines
Two different AFMs
Air filter
Cheap coolant temp sensor
Used DME
O2 sensor
Adjusted valves

Misc. info

Has small radiator leak

MPG calculated today was 18 mpg, I've had it up to 23mpg, 90 percent highway though.

Misses at high rpms, around 5k I'd say, it won't rev past that with a load. In neutral I believe it will hit the rev limiter.

I'm told it smells rich, I can't smell it because I drive it all the time lol and am used to it I suppose.

The car runs pretty well, the idle was very very lopey, but it's 90 percent fixed now from the new IAC. Will idle at 800rpm ish when warmed up.

What's next? Could a TPS cause this? I doubt both AFMs are shot but who knows? Cheap coolant temp sensor gone bad?

I are confused.
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