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Originally Posted by _Ethrty-Andy_ View Post
so has an M50 conversion Steve, but we let you off
i wasn't documenting an m50 swap , mine was a build thread for a whole car.

Originally Posted by ZachBimmer540i View Post
It isn't about the money needed plenty of that. It is the fact on have a decent project to do at home and the shop. That is something someone can't change. I like to keep items where they belong german motors in a german car. Plus I hate american motors to be honest. I haven't seen any threads on complete m6x builds in e30s as of yet went through atleast 200 pages between forums just see a few pictures and diagrams nothing really on point to be honest. that is just from what I see. I am basically going to do a free maybe pdf or a book haven't decided as of yet, but will include videos, pictures, write-ups, the different ideas that came to mind along with the help of friends and fellow forum members glad to be of help to me in the long run I do Thanks You all. Like I said in another forum I'm using a m60 block with m62 heads with s62 machined internals, but I got ridiculed for that and threatened to getting banned. So I'm here to prove them wrong. Now Andy I will be definitely asking questions on different setups. I did start this project last week From when I got the car, gutted it, 6pt roll cage and harness and motor being installed. Now I'm onto making headers for this turbo setup. I will definitely post before and after pictures and some more pictures for teasers lol. Oh btw I'm not doing this alone about 6 other car guys of mine is helping so a lot is getting done. Sorry for no pictures as of yet. Just Bare With Me for a little bit.
no problem, get pictures up when you can.
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