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Moving to Seattle ... Tires and Parking?

I'm moving from Milwaukee to Seattle in the next few weeks and am bringing my '02 330ci with me. I've poked around a little on the forums and found some old answers to my tires question but thought it worth my while to give it another shot ...

Here in Milwaukee, it's an absolute necessity to have snow tires; I'm currently running Blizzaks on a separate set of rims. I plan on selling those rims and then getting a new set of summer tires (current ones are worn) for my OEM rims. Is it wise to get rid of my winter setup? I expect to use public transportation to get to work. Any recommendations on a good summer/rain tire for Seattle? Given that I don't expect to drive except for leisure, is a standard summer tire sufficient? I've currently got Yokohama S.Drive tires.

I'm looking at living perhaps in Capitol Hill or Belltown, or a nearby neighborhood, and then commuting to my job in Redmond. Parking at apartment communities in the former areas seems to be pretty expensive, so I was looking for some alternative options - either a parking spot in this area at a parking structure, or perhaps something in Redmond, from which I could pick up my car after work if I needed it. Any recommendations for relatively cheap but secure / conveniently located parking?

I'd appreciate any thoughts!
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