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Originally Posted by csmeance View Post
But if you want something good for your body and something that's actually relaxing, pick up a good double edge safety razor, good shaving creme & brush and a variety pack of blades and you'll be set for decades! I can use a blade per shave (10 cents a blade average) and have a WONDERFUL shave with no pulling, tugging, etc and have my face as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I could accomplish the same with a Gilette Fusion Razor but I'd be going through hundreds of dollars worth of blades. In reality those blades are only good for 5-6 ACTUAL shaves with a TON of creme and such. For me, I can use them only once or twice before it starts pulling hairs and becoming rough.
The wife got me a double edge safety razor for Christmas. I've always been a blade shaver using the Mach3 but was always pissed at the cost of the cartridges. The Merkur razor has been great. Trying out a variety of blades she bought me on Amazon. Razor + 100 blades was ~$50 total.

For me it's a ritual. Always shave in the shower unless traveling. Warm the face, clean the face (Born to be Mild), use pre-shave oil (Kiehl's), use cream with brush (Art of Shaving unscented), shave, repeat lather and shave, rinse with cold water, pat dry face and apply after shave balm (Kiehl's). Super close shave, never have razor burn, ingrown hairs or any other issues. Whole process takes about 5 minutes. So far, one blade has been lasting me a week. Haven't been nicked once.

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