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Originally Posted by kkapdolee View Post
BJ Thanks.

I was actually thinking about connecting my phone via bluetooth only and no USB as I hate cords. So my question is,

Given that I have BMW Assist w/ Enhanced Bluetooth and USB, will connecting my phone via bluetooth have the same problem as connecting it via USB that you mentioned above? That is, will my music stop when a call comes in and not resume after the call which will require me to reconnect the phone in order to listen to my music again?

My initial plan is to use one device (phone) for both music and phone calls with bluetooth only.

Okay, I understand your setup now.

If you connect via Bluetooth and not USB, everything will work the way you want it. The iPod app within the iPhone will resume automatically, it's been awhile since I dabbled with Pandora but my recollection is that that app resumes as well. You won't be using BMW Apps app therefore no issue with screen overtakes or silent text alerts, you'll be good to go.

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