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Originally Posted by csmeance View Post
Trans Replacement & Loaner Car ->14K
Weep Hole Repair & Loaner Car -> 10K
Nav Screen Replacement & Loaner Car -> 5K
Nav Drive Replacement, DVD changer replacement, Video Module and Trunk Hydraulics (leak caused all the electronics to malfunction -> 7K

^ thats 36K worth of repairs right there. Add in all the misc transmission repairs I've had, the Audio system repairs, self leveling suspension, fuel tank sensors, etc and you get the rest.

Plus if the HPFP fail, I'm covered and the warranty company will pay 6-7K for a repar and loaner car.

As far s the transmission goes, it started shifting rough around 45K and then started going downhill. They replaced the guibo joint, a couple of sensors, the sealing sleeve, the urban trans update, replaced the pan and fluid, etc. Finally one day at around 70K miles while in bumper to bumper traffic it gave out. The trans would NOT move the car at all and would shift into neutral. Restarted the car and managed to pull into a parking lot and then as I pulled into the space it put itself into neutral. Had it towed to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong and the car drove PERFECTLY. I got it back and 2 weeks later the same happened. I recorded a video of it and gave it to my service advisor when I got the car towed again. The dealership replaced a pressure sensor that COULD have been the issue (warranty covered this and the prior event), and I took the car back. 1 week later I'm stuck in traffic going up a slight hill. Well as soon as it starts moving I press the gas pedal and the car shudders and then moves. As soon as I get to around 20 MPH I hear this GOD AWFUL grinding sounds and then the car starts slowing down. Then when I'm at around 10MPH, the car threw itself INTO PARK and came to a GRINDING halt. Had the car towed to dealer where the warranty company & dealer decided to stop the band-aid fixes and to replace the whole transmission.

I'm thinking mine failed a lot sooner than most of the 745/750 guys because of the added HP and Torque. After all it's the same transmission as those guys.
Well I guess we have to factor in the huge inflation from the dealer. That is their price, and they probably do it for the insurance company for half that.. But for your car it is absolutely a savior huh?

I have a buddy who owns a very good MB shop.. guy had his trans computer go bad and started messing with shifting.. he kept driving it which wasted the clutch packs and ruined the trans. They had to replace the trans, and once all that was done and good, then they had to diagnose the actual issue and replace the trans computer.. If he would have just stopped it would have been a couple hundred dollars from the junk yard, or even a grand from the parts counter, but now he's in the multi-thousands.. I just don't get people and what they do to their cars.. I was in there one day and this nice new MB V8 coupe was in there and the motor sounded like rocks in a dryer.. I said what happened? Owner noticed car was overheating and drove it some 40 minutes back to town and ruined the motor..

The last time I had a break down out of town I did two things.. after pulling over right away. First find the local hotel/motel second start asking around if small town had a good German mechanic.. luckily they did, I spent two days in a motel room in a small town but I didn't blow my car up! For some people these warranties are a must.. In all honesty if I could afford to spend that kind of money on a warranty and not have it "hurt" I would.. but for now, the car is paid for, and I get good prices on parts so I do the work myself..
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