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745i back from the garage :)

Now that I finally have my car back in my possession I'll introduce myself and my car.

Im 23, from the UK, on my placement year studying Computer Network Technology at the University of Northumbria in Newcasle.

I owned a 745i last year but was in an unfortunate accident in May, but I bought another mid December from a small trader (basically a guy who buys and sells cars).

Took it for a 20 mile test drive and was trading in my previous car (Volvo XC90) and all seemed well.

40 miles later on the way home to Newcastle (from York) I noticed the car was in 4th gear at 70mph in drive. I switched to manual to try to change up and it wouldn't do it. I knew something was wrong so I slowed to 50 to pull off at the next junction.

As I pulled off I got the "Transmission overheated, Stop when safe" warning. I waited for it to cool and tried to start the car to move it as I had a friend near where I was stuck on the A1.

The car wouldn't go into D, R or N saying the engine must be running to change gear (which it obviously was).

The trader was sympathetic and seemed to try to help and genuinely didn't seem to know of any faults with the car mechanically and he let me speak to the garage he had the car checked out at.

I had the car recovered to Newcastle and ended up having the box and torque converter replaced at a cost of 1600 in total (inc front brake pads that needed doing) by an independent garage.

Got the car back yesterday and it now works which is nice. It doesn't smoke and I haven't seen the coolant temp reach more than 93 degrees on the dash computer.

There are a couple of things I wanted to ask about that I haven't seen while reading threads on here though:

1. Clicking noise under very slight load (sounds like something is catching / rattling but only happens at like 800-1000 rpm). Doesn't sound like its coming from the engine itself so I'm not too concerned but its a little irritating.

2. When "cruising" (only been able to test at low speed due to not leaving the city yet) at about 20-30mph in gear the rpm sometimes flutters between about 1200-1500, but it doesn't feel unsmooth. The car did this a couple of times on the test drive too but I didn't think anything of it.

3. Adaptive cruise control - when I try to activate it it comes up on the cluster saying "ACC ---mph" then turns off. I thought this was due to the front pads needing replacing at first as I read on a BMW pdf that if the brakes weren't in order that it wouldn't start. Unfortunately now that are done it is still doing it. I have INPA and the error on the ACC is "lens heater error" but it says it would not show a warning light and it's only needed in winter / heavy rain so I was hoping that it should still work in normal conditions. Since doing the brakes and box nothing else (other than the CD changer) has any errors.

4. The replacement box seems to have the infamous "hard downchange to first" but otherwise is working fine. I know I could take it to the dealer for reprogramming, but I have BMW Standard Tools myself and was wondering how hard / risky it is to update it myself?

Thanks in advance ^^

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