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Post Stud removal

Women are attracted to us mechanics, because of our scars
I believe in safety first, so if you do not feel comfortable doing a job leave it
I always wear slip slops & I had a melting piece of steel fall between toes & burn itself into the flesh, where I had to rip it out forcefully The infection afterward was caused by me jumping into the nearest pan of fluid availiable to ease the pain- it was a old Antifreeze concoction
I have also burnt myself, by barefootedly stepping into a BBQ coal that had fallen out of my 44 Gallon drum BBQ
Recently my Cousin stepped barefoot onto a yellow scorpion. It only hurt when the Alcohol wore off
But the above only hurts a short time, whilst Safety boots are always a pain- Your choice

But to get back on topic:
These sensors seize, like exhaust studs, because people do not apply a thin coat of Coppa slip on the thread during assembly
It is easy ! Spray penetrating oil onto the offending fastener when hot (keep away face) and then let it penetrate through the engine cooling off. You should even be able to undo said fastener without needing to heat engine up again
Don't take life too seriously; no one gets out alive !
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