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Welcome to CA! Great choice on NorCal.

I have a friend who owns and runs a smog only test center and also owns an E46 M3, he's said no probs on smog with BMWs. I have the same exact 2005 330i ZHP that passed smog at his place last year without issues. Your troublespots will be bad O2 sensors or cats and CEL lights that hasn't had 200-500 miles to clear. Of course these troublespots apply to all cars not just BMW.

Your only probs if you commute from the East Bay to South Bay, are Priuses (we tend to have the most Eco righteous of them all here, loving to force slowness to all via hypermiling in all lanes), inconsiderate left most lane drivers and randomly beat up flying articles on the freeways. Happy commuting otherwise.

My best experience the other day was pulling in front of an Eco-terrorist Prius the was going 55 mph in the fast lane, slowed to 40 mph then as I was pulling away, seeing CHP lights pulling it over; hopefully for going too slow. Yes, about frigging time the cops do something about these menaces causing traffic jams. Btw, my intent was for the Prius to move over and change lanes, guess his stubbornness got the best of him.
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