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It took me about 18 hours to do this job from start to finish. I had never replaced a top before so I went slowly and took plenty of pictures of the disassembly to help me put it back together correctly. I'm not sure which top it was but I think it was the cheaper one. Apparently the slightly more expensive ones have plastic on the attach points instead of just fabric tabs. I believe the owner said she spent around $250 for it. I would have no problem putting this top on my car whenever it needs replacing. The directions were awful. I didn't look at them until after I had taken the top off and then realized they only covered the removal of the top. Nothing for the installation. I basically browsed a couple of Youtube videos and forum threads for hints on doing it correctly.

The disassembly and assembly were a lot of fun. I got my 9 year old daughter to help out. We got some really good "Dad" time in on this project. The PITA was the cleanup before assembly. That took about 8 hours alone. I wish I didn't have OCD about cleanliness.

As for the satisfaction, yes, I was completely satisfied with the results. The funny thing is that it wasn't even my car. A lady in my neighborhood asked me if she would buy a top, since her back window was missing, would I HELP her put it on. When asked what I would charge for the help, I told her $100. I ended up doing the job myself in my garage since she didn't have any tools. She was so satisfied with the top that she paid me $150 dollars for the work. While doing her top I also, replaced both broken window switches, replaced broken air-conditioning switch, found a key fob on craigslist (she didn't know the car had keyless entry and an alarm), fixed her aftermarket stereo and disconnected the anti-theft switch behind it (so the alarm and keyless entry worked), Fixed her vapor barriers inside of both doors (no more water in the foot well), cleaned all of the drains, fixed the A-pillar gasket, cleared fuel nozzle drain, replace her antenna grommet, and fabricated a metal bracket to reattach her passenger door pull, which was completely unusable.

To see the smile on her face when I brought back her NEW car was absolutely satisfying.

I'll try to do that when I get some time. Unfortunately, I don't have many of the pictures for a true DIY thread. I'll see what I can put together.


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