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I prefer not to open files from unknown sources. Sorry, but you are an unknown source. Copy paste the details here? Use less !!!!!! points.

I'd argue with them. If you just bought the car, and it comes with a warranty why is the car not fully covered. This is not a simple "deductible". You need to ask, why is XYZ not covered and base it off the warranty. For example, if the warranty says it will cover everything but an alternator, and your alternator breaks then you are screwed...but if everything else breaks that is the case.

As for their outrageous prices - find yourself a good indy shop.
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I agree with furby
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Hahahaha, I like you furb, you like to live dangerously.
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I started to google to find a picture to match furby's suggestion to Gia, but it quickly became clear it was an inappropriate search to conduct at work.
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