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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
OK, I'm buying one as soon as the car comes back from the shop.
I'm sure you will be happy with your choice.

Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
Not too sure about the F30 to the F10. But from the E90/92 N55 to the F30/F10 N55 has a whole different ECU. So those dynos that you see on BMS' website for the stage 1 and stage 2 with or without DP are from the E9x N55 and not from any F30 or F10. These are proving a lot harder to get the huge gains that were seen with the N54s and older N55s. Just want to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of this tune before thinking they can gain 80-100hp on an F10.. Sorry OP but you gained 40-50 Max and that is taking into acount your catback exhaust as well.

Wow, I sound like a grouch. I' m really not grumpy, just don't like seeing people misinformed.
And I had the tune on my car for a couple months so I an not just talking out of my ass here.

Bottom line its great for a little kick in power. Way better than stock, but I am on a mission to find something better that gives me the power I miss from my E60.
Definitely not 80hp/100tq.. Since having it off my car, I notice a difference, but nothing like my E60 tuned N54 vs stock. That was a gain of around 80 hp/tq and this feels nothing close to that at all. I would say 25hp/35-40tq And those are my butt dyno numbers for the stage 1.. I like to say they are usually pretty accurate.

Well, I am running stage 2 which is supposedly to be a bigger, more dramatic improvement over stage 1.
Rather or not if it really gives a gain of 80hp I'm not sure.
It sure feels awesome though.

Originally Posted by alextremo View Post
Originally Posted by TGray5 View Post
BMS has sold a lot of N55 juice boxes and he sold many N54 before that...many happy customers from what I've read. The stock torque on that dyno run looks surprisingly high....328 ft. lbs at the wheels? when the car is rated 300 ft lbs at the crank. Perhaps that car has numerous other mods that are incompatible with the juice box? Many other dyno runs prove what the product claims...and what the OP of this thread reports. Return it for a refund if not happy.
How could this not matter to you? If you haven't had your car on the dyno or data logged before and after you have no idea what the tune is doing to your engine. Seeing this graph would make me very nervous about putting this tune on my car. Agreed it could be something specific to that car, or that dyno or dyno operator but I would not be satisfied (or writing positive reviews) without having any data of the impacts on your car's engine operation aside from your subjective assessment of improved driving feel.

Also, i believe the owner of the car from that dyno has uninstalled the tune and is selling it, I did not see the issues with the dyno explained or addressed.

See TGray5's post.
There are tens of thousands of BMW out there running Burger's tune.
I trust Terry's work as it has been proven to be excellent.

As for my subjective assessment of improved driving feel, isn't that what is most important?
Numbers and charts are meaningless to me because I am not shooting to have the most powerful 535.
Like I said in my review, base on the throttle response and tip in fix alone the tune is well worth the money.
It just made the car so much more useable in everyday situation, highway or in traffic.
Everything else is just icing on the cake.
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