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Originally Posted by krash View Post
When I was test driving an F30 the other night, I was sort of thinking along the same lines. They had an M6 in the show room. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and sat in that first. Then I sat in the F30.

I'm still geting an F30 of course, but I sort of feel like there is a big drop from the 5, 6, 7 to the 3 in terms of luxury & quality of materials.

But then again, there is a HUGE GAP between a Chevy Malibu and a 335 too, so it's all relative...

Plus the 3's interior is comparable to the ATS and Mercedes' C class...Actually, I think it's even better. So it's very competitive in it's price class.
But that was the case with the prior generation too. If you sat in a 5, 6, or 7 back in 2008 compared to the 3 you'd feel the same differences in design and features. In many cases, the differences were far more significant.

Today, the 3 looks like a smaller-footprint 5 on the exterior and has some of the dashboard and interior flair of the 6. Standard iDrive, new lighting, classy chrome touches, upgraded audio system, smartphone integration, leather stitching, head-up display and so on.

Comparing the F30 to the current MB and Audi is a strong win for BMW, and comparing it to the E90 is a nice step in the right direction as well with the Line choices and new standard equipment.

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