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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Most people who crap on the F30 Nav placement have never used it. Especially combined with the HUD, the F30 Nav placement is much easier to see (it's higher on the dash) all the while not cluttering your line-of-sight with a massive hump.

As a former E92 owner, the old 'nav hump' is a failure in design as well as ergonomics.

From a purely functional standpoint, the new LCD is easier to see and takes up less physical space. Easier to use it, easier to see all around it, better visibility, better safety. Not to mention, getting it off the dash has led to bigger air vents that are positioned closer to the driver, center stack buttons that are easier to get to, and an uplift that allows room for real cupholders. It has a lot of benefits.

Additionally, burying these screens in the middle of the center stack isn't going to fly in the future with any car maker. Lots of discussion on distracted driving, federal regulations likely coming. They'll all wind up atop the dash instead of beneath it. I can't see how BMW could have done it any better. They basically took an E90 design, shaved off all the shroud plastic, and moved the screen higher by an inch. That MB thing looks like a picture frame, yuck. Our F30 looks like half an iPad. Eiither way, it puts the information in the right spot and takes up as little room as possible.

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