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Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
And you are basing your view on a single failed dyno testing.

I am trusting Terry Burger's years of experience and tens of thousands of proven example of success in his tuning ability. The N55 engine in our car is not a new engine. The difference in our engine and the one in say E90 335 or F30 335 is minimal.

Oh and another thing, there are Other F10 535i JB4 stage 2 dyno out there than the one you shown.

Like this one, much smoother:

Map 2 (14.5psi)- 297.98 whp (375hp crank aprox). 365.95 wtq (446tq crank aprox).
Map 1 (12.5psi)- 298.97 whp (372hp crank aprox). 347.91 wtq (424tq crank aprox).
(*Note, this guy have downpipe and exhaust. +75HP and +146lb torque over stock ... this is obviously a guy trying to shoot for most HP lol)
Im sorry but those wheel to crank conversion are way off. Adding an additional 26+% from wheel to crank? That is crazy talk. 18% is a more realistic number.
So if we go with that, he has gained 50hp over stock, that is with tune, exhaust and downpipe and 95+ octane (downpipes usually add 15-20hp).

I for one am not anti BMS if that is what you are thinking. If you check out my previous cars I have had their tunes all the way back when JB2 was the newest and hottest thing on the block, then went to the JB+ when it was in beta and then jumped up to a JB3 and had now tried this one my F10. I am just being realistic and stating you have made at most 40hp gain with your exhaust.

Also dyno's without a baseline are basically worthless as far as showing how much HP one has gained.

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