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Originally Posted by harrisfb View Post
The good news: I convinced my dealer to update my software.
The bad news: They crashed my cars computer when doing it.

Yep. So they were loading up the new software the first time and it froze. So they started the process over and it worked but it seems that it has bricked my iDrive display. They can't get it to turn back on. No big deal I guess, they will of course fix it in the end under warranty. It just means I am without my car for another day or two.

So they are leaving it battery disconnected overnight and if the iDrive does not fire up tomorrow they will replace the CCC (Car Communications Computer).

Funny thing is, this is not the first time my CCC has acted odd. The authorized shop that I had put Dinan on my car complained of the CCC acting wonky when they were loading it. They eventually got it loaded but said they had to attempt it a few times to get it to take. So maybe my CCC has been having trouble from day one and this just finally killed it? I have not personally experienced any issues while driving, it was just during the Dinan load and now this.

While I hate to cause extra work for my dealer I am glad that this is getting fixed if there is an actual issue. And in the end I will have a fully updated car.

Anyone else have experience with a messed up CCC from a routine upgrade or maintenance?
Your car does not have CCC (those were the older NAV units). You either have the CIC or the NBT. Also, can you post the picture of the drivetrain malfunction?

Originally Posted by chuck92116 View Post
Quite common. BMW really sucks at any thing electronic.

Just look at the complaints about the navigation, throttle, stereo, Bluetooth, HVAC,etc.

Coding a BMW is like getting a whore in Vegas. It seems like a good idea until the day after.
Programming and coding are two entirely different things. Usually the only chance of bricking a module is through programming (updating). Coding is simply just modifying the vehicles preset values.
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