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Question Confused about headlight options

My June 2000 540T has the stock Xenon headlights. I want & need to do a few things with my car's headlights, but i'm not entirely certain as to what options i have available and what i should or should not do. I'm not sure how these things may influence each other for example. I'm hoping some of you can help me understand.

The 'glass' of the housing (is this called the lens?) is pretty 'frosted'. See the attached pic. I would like to replace the housing with something with the clear turn signals, e.g. these. This seems like a pretty straightforward job.

The adjusters are broken and need to be replaced. I've read various pages here and elsewhere about how to do it, and feel like i can tackle this job. However, looking around i see different options, and it's not clear to me which option i need for my car. Some are cheap (<$10), while others are not (>$80), and apparently there are different versions, depending the year and / or whether you have xenons. I get the impression that through Aug 2000, there was only 1 style, whereas after Aug 2000 there are 2 styles of adjusters. I think that since mine is the older style, i can use the cheaper ones, but it's not entirely clear to me. The various sites (BavAuto, Pelican do not make it entirely clear to me. Can any of you confirm which ones I need?

Does the fact that i want to replace the housing have anything to do with this? I'm not certain if the adjusters are part of the housing, or if it's something that operates independently for example...

I also would like to add Angel Eyes to my lights.

If i need the expensive adjusters at ~$90 ea, and then get the new housing, i'm looking at spending $360+ just for that. Add angel eyes, and i'm looking at adding at least another $70, maybe as much as $250, depending on which ones i would go with. This means spending $430-$610 if i do my math right. Is that correct, and does that make sense? Are there other options i should consider, such as instead of doing that maybe buy a whole complete unit such as this one?

Thanks for any clarifications you may be able to provide
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