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Ok so I found a little time to try and resolve the wet passenger footwell issue. As mentioned in the last post under the micro filters there are 2 drainage hoses which block up with dirt etc. I took off both micro filters and connectors, connected a hose with a pump and pumped to see if this would clear. Tested by pouring a little water onto the pan from he passenger side and yes a very little trickle came out, tried the same on the drivers side and again a very little trickle. But I thought water should pour out rather than trickle out.

Took off the wheel, took away part of the cowling and found the end of the hose and this was still blocked. I then got my finger and pulled out about a golf ball sized about of dirt, tested again with water and this time it poured out.

Anyone who experiences this issue should follow he above step, very easy fix with no cost. When I get a little time. Will take some pics and point out what needs to be cleaned and cleared.

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