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Lightbulb M3 Comfort vs Audi S5

Hello All,

This is not a thread about which car is better.

A couple of months ago I was in a heavy dilemma between an E92/E93 335, M3 or an Audi S5.

I purchased the Audi S5. Although I love the car, and it does look absolutely gorgeous (Black exterior, white interior) there's just something missing for me, and there's always that conscience talking to myself like "hey buddy, why didn't you get the M3 and why did you let your wife influence your choice blablabla". That little daemon sitting on my shoulder you know.

I love my S5 but I've some sort of OCD about not being sure about it.

There's ONE THING however that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is the comfort is when I do my long business trips on the road. The thing is just so enjoyable on the highway I feel like having a nap at 180 KM/h (I don't live in the USA or Canada, currently expatriated in Mexico for work).

Anyway, the M3 E93 I felt in love with is about 10K extra than what I paid for my S5.

So my question is, is the M3 Comfortable even tho it's more of a sport car and the S5 is more of a Grand Tourer... Can they compare in term of comfort?

Sorry for the wall of text about a simple question.

Edit PS: Yes I know the RS5 is more of a natural competitor to the M3, but I'm not interested in that car as I'm buying used 2009/2010 anyway.

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