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Originally Posted by Yorgi View Post
Hopefully that was a dealer giving that estimate and not an indie mechanic.

The battery costs about $215 and an indie should charge about $100 to install it, including registering the battery to the car.

The battery is massive on this car and considering the number of issues that happen when voltage drops I would not attempt to install an aftermarket battery unless you can find one with similar specs. (I have yet to see one) A large Canadian Tire Eliminator battery will not be that much cheaper than an OEM battery purchased from a dealer like Tischer.

If you can find the AGM I would go for that option. It costs a little more ($215 vs $187) but it is a much higher quality battery despite it's slightly lower specs.

If you want more info just search here for AGM and you will find many threads on the subject.
Thanks so much! I checked out the post on AGM and it def does seem better but I called around and in Vancouver, they only sell OEM batterys. I found one for $220 which is quite do-able

my next question would be if I install it myself, would I need to reprogram it? I read conflicting reviews that say I would have problems and other reviews that said everything would be fine.

Thanks so much again
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