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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I placed my order on Tuesday night so I am in contact witht he dealership about arranging a delivery date and whatnot. But I have been planning the trip for almost a year so I am pretty sure about where I want to go, at least right up until the last few days.

Here it is:

Day 1 (Friday): Fly to Munich
Day 2: Arrive Munich
Day 3: Munich
Day 4 (Monday): Delivery, drive to Salzburg via Berchtesgaden and German Alpine Road
Day 5: Depart Salzburg, drive to Vienna
Day 6: Vienna
Day 7: Depart Vienna, drive to Krakow
Day 8: Krakow
Day 9: Depart Krakow, drive to Prague
Day 10: Prague
Day 11: Depart Prague, drive to Nurburgring - drive the Ring
Day 12: wake up, drive the Ring again, head south toward Switzerland, try to take in an hour or so of driving in the Black Forest, end up in Zurich
Day 13: Zurich (maybe go to Lucerne...not sure. People have told me Zurich isn't too exciting.
Day 14: Depart Zurich, drive to Milan via San Bernardino Pass
Day 15: Milan
Day 16: Depart Milan, drive to Nice - maybe drop off car
Day 17: Maybe drop off car, maybe spend day in Nice, maybe come home
Day 18: if not already home, come home.

There may be time in here to spend a full day at Nurburg. And maybe time to spend two full days in Nice after dropping off the car, or maybe one day in Zurich and one day in Lucerne.

Crappy thing about this itinerary is that we get back mid-week. I can either power through and work a few days like a zombie when I get back or just take all 3 weeks off. But my wife would definitely have to work.

If it were up to me, we'd cut out Italy and France and save it for another trip...but she really wants to go to Italy. Thing is, May temps in Nice average only 20 it shouldnt be expenvise to stay but it's not like we'll be spending our last day lounging on the beach.

Either way I am pumped. It's about 5 hours driving every other day. Seems like a lot but that's what I'm there for. I like the idea of having a day or two in each city to get a tate and decide which ones I'd like to visit again.
Speaking strictly for myself, 9 places in 16 days is somewhat ambitious (18 days minus two travel days).
Milan is nice, however, Lake Como and perhaps Venice might be better places to spend time in Italy. If you want to venture a little deeper south, consider Florence. Venice and/or Florence might be better visits.

Spend time in Munich and visit the Alps. Munich is a city with history and culture. There is plenty to do and see.

Prague is supposed to be one of the jewels of Europe. Definitely visit.

Nurburg and Nurburgring, from what I hear, is a driving enthusiast's dream.

Folks will recommend that you plan to spend at least two days in each place.

I can't comment on your other destinations.
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