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Originally Posted by ktono View Post
Here are the alignment specs. Told them to set the toe closer to .01 - .02 and the camber looks way off on the rear. Am I reading this right? Negative 1.31 and 1.29 with the fronts at negative .03 and .06. Need some quick advice prior to pickup.
Prolly too late.

You told them right, but they just didnt follow your instructions. Your toe in the rear was BETTER BEFORE they changed it!

They gave you more toe in the rear, more toe on the right front.

That drives me nuts- especially when you say DO THIS.

The specs appear to be 0.0 to 0.10 for the front

0.02 to 0.08 for the rear.

Note their spec is 0.05 target, wwith a 'plus-minus' of 0.05 on the front; 0.03 on the rear.
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