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Originally Posted by ktono View Post
Took mine to BMW to have them verify the alignment specs as it was pulling some to the right and after the specs shared here. It took a lot of discussion with the SA before they agreed to hook it up. Initially they said the tires were all at different pressures which would impact this. Finally they hooked it up and now the total TOE looks worse after even when I specified to be set at .01 - .02. The camber looks WAY off 1.3 on the rear especially. I have no idea what Track Differential, Caster and SAI means and if it is OK.

Please help me understand these numbers prior to returning the loaner in the morning. What specifically should I ask for to change?
Your cambers look fine, 1'30" is the target, and you seem to be right there.

I posted in your other thread about the toe. it's like they simply nodded their head when you siad 0.01-0.02 then did a standard BMW "set it in the middle of the range" alignment.

The toe in the rear is worse (according to BMW it is fine, but according to me, worse)

I'd like to have a bit more camber up front, you are on the min range of the spec.

Of course they didnt give you what you asked for on any one of the 4 tires. Did it list 0.01-0.02 on the work order? bet not.

All the other stuff looks fine, IMO


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