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something that bad....yeah, no you have to manually clean it. I don't have pics, but I've 'seen' worse....

Long story short, family friend has a 18 yo son who was clueless about car maintenance and owns a 1989 merc grand marquis (yeah i know, a real classic). After completely replacing the front brakes (he actually ground THROUGH the rotors) told him to stop by the following week so i could show him how to do an oil change and change the plugs. Checked the oil before draining it was only a 1/2 quart low . We drained the oil, and before I fired it up it was reading WAY high .... like i put two gallons in it instead of 5 qts...hmmm... figured maybe it had the wrong dipstick.

Fired it up and she was purrin' like a kitten. Took it out for a quick trip around the block and all of sudden it started blowing white smoke and missing like crazy. . took back to the garage, scratchin' my head...then it dawned on me. I ask, "Has the oil ever been changed since you got it?" Nope. He'd owned it for a year. They had bought from a friend and come to find out they hadn't changed the oil either. The WHOLE oil pan was full of sludge, so all of the new oil was simply floating on top.

Called around and found out that you had to pull the engine to drop the isn't worth the $500 it would cost to do that (could i do it? Yeah, I'm a nice guy, but not that nice). We seafoamed it and did a couple of short interval oil changes, and replaced the plugs again. I used my air hose to blow down the dipstick tube to blow out some of the gunk. I can get about 3 qts in it and it only shows abt 1 qt over. Amazingly, 5 mos later it is still purring like a kitten.
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