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For comparison, I bought a 100k/8 years 3rd party ext warranty for $3000 when I bought my 750i used at 5000 miles when it was a year old. It has a $200 deductible. The company is Prizm Total Protection Plan and coverage is Supreme which is bumper to bumper excluding consumables. So far they paid about $8+k of repairs in year 6 and 7. On one occasion they sent in an inspector who did not approve two repairs when dealer couldn't reproduce the faults. They paid the next time without inspecting when I brought in for the same issues. They seem reasonable except for one repair they refused to pay for an axle when the bearing is stuck to the axle. They only paid for the bearing since dealer say the axle seem OK and it was the bearing that failed. I end up splitting the axle with the dealer.
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