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Originally Posted by 5seriesHB View Post
Here my sheet from Allen tire co
Not a BMW dealership .
This was taken 2 days after purchase
Don't know what heck it says
All all I know is that my steering wheel was off center and car pulled to the right
Rides good now
How does it look to u guys
ARD:tell me the truth!
I always tell you the truth.

The end results of yours look nice an balanced. It was bad to start, esp the front toe. Now your toe is OK in front, a bit more than Id want in the rear (if you look at that, it says the max toe specified in the rear is 1/16, and that you are AT their max. I dont like this, combined with a tire that is cambered. Net result is the inner edge will cord. but, run that with close to zero toe and you will do much better.

IMO between the minimum BMW specd toe, to the maximum, tire mileage can range 40k down to 5-8k.

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