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Originally Posted by ktono View Post
Thanks for the quick feedback! Great to know that the toe is worse which is what I specifically talked to them about setting. Argh! I am going to explain to them this fact and request that they set it to the minimum of their range instead of making the total toe worse especially in the rear. Two things come to mind...

1 - Is it worth the principle of the specific toe setting discussion and having it done to my specs?
2 - Should I have them move the front camber closer to 20?

After all it is my set of $1,500+ tires that they have now made worse. I wonder how many hundreds/thousands of miles this setup will now take off of them.
If it was only 'the principle', eh- there are more battles to fight. It will change your tire life. Especially since you discussed it with I've said before, if you had just bought it in and said 'align it', and then at pickup you wanted to quibble, I'd say your SOL.

However. BMWNA is paying, so they may say 'we just do what BMW recommend, that is the extent of our obligation'... short sighted, nd truly what you are asking IS in the bmw specs.

Well, if they ARE going to have to redo it, might as well get the camber closer to 'target'.

You have a big V8 up there, right? The car will have a tendency to plow corners, rolling the tires and 'exposing' that outer edge- by going to a light camber, the suspension and tire will 'bite' and settle in as it gets loaded on a curve.


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