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This question today is relevant for this threads has we want to know what NOT to do when replacing these two o-rings:

Originally Posted by barneyhyphen View Post
Interested in any input as to sizes and material (Buna, Viton?) of the two small green "O" rings on the end of the oil filter cap center post.

Realoem seems to report them both as 7mm x 2.50mm HOWEVER, when removed, they appear to be different sizes?

Very end one looks like 7 x 2.5 but the one further up the center post looks larger and a little thicker.....maybe 8 x 3? I'm reading this as ID x CS, correct?
RDL reported BMW recommends the o-rings be changed every oil change.

Originally Posted by rdl View Post
FWIW, BMW recommends changing these O-rings every oil change.

Attachment 357163

RealOEM says the part # is 11 42 1 744 001, at least for my M54. Top and bottom are identical size - at least when then are new. Check RealOEM for your car to be sure that there isn't a difference between engines. Cost is ~$0.40 to $0.75 from internet suppliers for BMW branded. Probably less from an industrial supply house for the same size.

I've seen them listed by BMW dealers with internet sites, EAC turning, BimmerSpecialist and eEuro. Likley many others too. Try the part # in
Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
My cap cracked after 12y, P.O. tightened it too much.
I broke the cap when I opened it.
New cap is $28 at dealer and you get new tiny O-rings.

PS: I personally think the O-rings should be changed every 6-7y, not every oil change.
The O-rings on my cap are now 7 years old, zero problems.
Originally Posted by rdl View Post
I suspect you're right about that. Probably the engineers figured if they specified say every 10 oil changes, it would never be done.

I changed mine and the cost of the O-rings is nothing compared to the effort prying the slimy little buggers up, off and over without breaking or scratching grooves/seats. It didn't seem to me that the old O-rings (age unknown but probably original from the factory) were damaged or deformed. But since they seal an oil circuit it was worth it for the peace of mind.
I guess I'll change them every couple of years, mostly because I bought what now appears to be a semi-lifetime supply.
Originally Posted by Zeichen311 View Post
Having done this on several occasions--including just two weeks ago--I can offer a tip.

With your thumb and forefinger near the edges of a shop towel or sturdy paper towel, pinch/press opposite sides of the O-ring hard against the cap post. Then squeeze toward the side away from your hand, distorting the O-ring into an egg-shaped profile. Use needle-nose pliers to grasp the ring at the point of the egg, where it is pushed away from the post, and stretch it off. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

BMW has started supplying these rings as part of some oil sets (filter, cap seal, post seal, crush washer). I struggled with the first, thought of the shop towel to gain the needed friction and now I can pop 'em off in ten seconds. You could also use diagonal cutters instead of pliers and just snip them off, too.
Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
I used a pick with a 90 turn at the end and just walked them off.

The 11 year old O-rings were a little hardened, but they were probably serviceable.
Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
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