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Don't do it! Go for the BMW!

After 5 x 3 series, I was tempted by a deal for the MB C250 CDI Edition 125. I'm in a 3 year contract but I'm exiting after 14 months as the build quality is shocking in comparison to a 3 Series.

Squeaks and rattles are common in my car together with a speaker cutting out (only in cold weather). The vibration from the C250CDI engine is reminiscent of a tractor and the lethargy from the auto gearbox even in sport mode makes any overtaking manoeuvre a major planning exercise!

Ultimately, it depends what you are looking for - sitting in the F30 felt like I was coming home. Cant speak yet for the build quality of the F30, but my E46's and E90's were superb. By contrast, the MB has left me very disappointed - it is uninvolving to drive and the dealers are more concerned each time with ensuring that you provide them with a positive response to surveys than actually dealing with the client. BMW by contrast let their product do the talking.

If this sounds like a rant, it is not meant to be. I'm just so disappointed with the MB ownership experience. I will leave you with one story to illustrate the ownership experience - my car was booked in for a service and 2 days before it was due, I received a phone call asking me to defer the appointment for 2 weeks as my car was due an "upgrade". An upgrade I queried and asked what it involved and was advised that they would replace the injection system. As there are mixed reports on the internet of the replacement injectors, I asked whether I could defer and was told that I would not be covered under my warranty if I chose not to have the work done (there was nothing wrong with my car).
I therefore queried, "surely this is a recall then" to which the reply came "oh no sir, this is not a recall, it is an upgrade". The parts were delayed, so my car was in the workshop for 5 days and when I got it back, I still had the pieces of paper wedged in my dashboard to stop the rattles, despite a request to look at them again (previous attempt to cure failed) as they didn't have time.

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