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Wash, claybar (as needed), polish (as needed), sealant/wax.

Detail spray doesn;t get you much by the way of shine. Shine comes from the surface preparation (e.g. clay, polishing) and from the sealant/wax. I really only use detail spray as a lube for the claybar and to touch up a spot here and there.

as for sealants and waxes there are lots of great products. It sort of depends on what properties you desire, If your goal is to apply sealant as infrequently as possible over the year then go for something synthetic like Zaino or Klasse. A lot of folks here really like those products. If you want to maximize depth of shine and don;t mind having to wax your car more frequently then the natural caranuaba waxes are the best. Personally I like hybrid sealant-waxes that combine the best of both (natural waxes for shine with synthetic polymers for durability). I use Einszett Glanz and Dodo Juice Blue velvet pro. Both give great deep shine but also have some good staying power.

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