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To your question about driving laws, I haven't really found a good place to reference. Just used google a bunch. Maybe somebody else has...

There are tons of weird laws. In Italy, Polizia can demand payment of a citation on the spot in cash for non-EU residents (or at least they used to be able too). Some countries require IDPs (though you can get away without them if you are lucky). Some countries are notorious for speed cameras that will ticket you for 1-3 kph over the limit (Austria, Switzerland). At least one requires a throw away breathalizer (France). Several require a medical kit and shiny jacket to be stored in the car in case of accident (Germany, Austria). There are different toll types (Austria and their famous Vignette, but there are others). This isn't intended to be a complete list, it's just off the top of my head.

Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
Can you drop off in Zurich?
BMW's website has a list of places you can drop off.

One thing to note is that many (if not all) the drop off places outside of Germany result in random dude driving your car back in to Germany for shipping. Your car is insured through that activity, but I've got this image in my mind of a chain smoking Italian guy driving my new car back to Germany and it gives me the willies.
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