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Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
Is ram air effective with forced induction? Even at speed? The 335 airbox seems generous enough to not warrant forcing air into it.

How about 'maybe'. I am sure the pros selling product might jump on my butt but I think the answer is how many CFM of air does the turbo need when its maxing out its ability to pump air at the required boost level for the mods you have to perform at their maximum potential.

Once you have that number you need to check the intake tract to see if any portion of it canít support the required airflow. If the tract is just OK or has a little bit of a restriction then forcing air under pressure into it can help. If the tract is just plain too small even with some ram air to move the number of CFM of air required it really needs to be replaced with something with the ability to flow air with out restriction.

Bottom line is I think you need a reasonable amount of WHP 400+?? to think about the issue & most of the scoops being sold only effect how the car looks.

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